What do our clients think?

Alison Dalziel, from Seamill, has owned Crystal for over

15 years. 

I have been a client of The Equine Vet Clinic for a number of years and over the last two years I have had to call on their professional advice as my horse, Crystal  became lame in her left leg. This was diagnosed as arthritis of the coffin joint and initially the vet medicated her joint. This treatment lasted for a short time until Crystal became really crippled and I was unable to ride. The vet recommended de-nerving the joint which required surgery. I was very apprehensive about the operation but the vet assured me that there was a good success rate with such procedures and the alternative was euthanasia if Crystal’s lameness increased.


Crystal had to be treated at the clinic and went in the day before her operation. As she had to have box rest for a few weeks following surgery it was agreed that it would be in her best interests if she remained at the clinic for that period of time. I was able to visit and was delighted with the high level of care and attention she received.


Crystal is now home and recovering well, she is able to be ridden albeit gentle hacking out, but every week, I see a difference in Crystal’s progress. Although I found the whole experience to be extremely stressful, I was reassured by both the vets, and the nurses at the practice and they were always able to be contacted if I had any concerns at all about both the surgery and post op care. I would thoroughly recommend The Equine Vet Clinic to other horse owners as I have been highly impressed by their professionalism and dedication to the horses (and owners) in their care.


Stefanie Robb, owner of Underheugh Farm Livery, Gourock. 

I have been a client of the Equine Vet Clinic for many years and I would be lost without their help and expertise. They are always at the end of the phone with helpful and often reassuring advice night and day and with horses we all know how important it is to have experts on hand as and when we need them. 


We have a small livery yard and have 4 horses of our own and they have had various problems from reoccuring Lymphangitis to major dental work… and the vets have always been excellent in diagnosing and dealing with any illness. 

Caroline Vance from Ayrshire

Gavin as always was highly professional and thorough, then giving extremely clear and practical interpretation of the findings.

"I would thoroughly recommend The Equine Vet Clinic to other horse owners"

I have also used the clinics AI service twice and have found their complete package excellent… from the scans to the insemination and through to the foaling, the practice are there with you right to the end. I have had a few horses have to stay at livery with the practice until their treatment was complete and the service was second to none. I was always confident that they were being cared for as I would have cared for them at home but very importantly they provide a happy, caring enviroment for the horses while they are in their care. 


I can't thank the practice enough for all their help and support during both happy and sad times and I would highly recommend them to any horse owner.

Pauline Keast 

Just wanted to say thank you very much to all at the clinic for setting up such a fantastic evening.  As always, everything was incredibly well organised, the presentations were informative and interesting, coffee and biccies were very much appreciated and ‘Goody Bags’ with such fab freebies was ‘the cherry on the top’! I feel very lucky, and I’m sure many others do to have a veterinary practice who so generously give of their time to improve the education of owners which can only, in turn, improve the quality of care given to many horses

"I can't thank the practice enough for all their help and support during both happy and sad times and I would highly recommend them to any horse owner."

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