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Zone Visits

Introducing Zone Visits

Due to the pressure from rapidly increasing costs of fuel and the inflationary effect on so many other areas, we have been looking at ways to increase efficiencies that we could pass directly on to our clients.

Our “4 horses for free” visit has been in place for 15 years and it has been hugely utilised and appreciated by so many clients with positive feedback. To add to this, we are introducing Zone Visits from the start of September.

We will directly pass on the travel savings to you. And please remember we are always happy to see your horses at our clinic even for a vaccination and a free weigh in on our scales!

How it works

  • We have divided up our client area into 5 zones
  • We will visit each zone ONCE a week
  • Clients booking ROUTINE procedures will pay only 50% of their normal visit fee
  • You will be given a morning or afternoon appointment window for that day on booking
  • The day before your appointment you will be emailed with an appointment window.
  • The zones days are shown on the zone map. Click on your coloured zone area on the map to see what day would apply
View the Zone Map


We recommend Zone visits are booked at least 48 hours in advance as once that days slots are full we cannot accommodate anymore until the following week:

  • Zone visits offer not be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • We cannot specify which vet will attend zone visits
  • Payment must be made at time of booking
  • Zone visits are only eligible to accounts not in arrears
  • Only routine work can be carried out. Pre-purchase vettings, in depth investigations such as endoscopy/radiographs cannot be performed
  • The zone visit charge is for travel costs and does not include examination or medicines.
View the Zone Map